noritoshi hirakawa


This is a unique artwork coming out of Noritoshi Hirakawa's life called Abandonce. The work represents the transforming value system to create abundance out of abandonment. The collector of the work cannot open up the box because it is locked. Enclosed within the box are intimate and private materials of the artist's life. The work functions only as a locked box. This unique work is only available directly through Noritoshi Hirakawa.

The dimensions of the box are 4 inches tall by 12 inches long and 4.5 inches wide and include a lock with no key. Signature will be on the box. The price is $1200 per box, not including postage and shipping costs for national and international addresses. Shipping to locations in New York City is free of charge.

Please click here to order by e-mail or call (212) 344-9141 to order by telephone.